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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A new year, a new spirit.

Hi, everyone is me again. Hope everyone do well in everything. I saw a huge change in the US1 blog. Alright, for now I guess everyone knows each other quite well and I hope this will bring benefit in the study. This year is very important for you all to study hard, don't give up for whatever causes.

Talking about hygiene, I guess who is the people that in charge of cleanliness of the class. Make sure your surrounding is clean and don't forget to prevent the second wave of AH1N1.

I will upload the study material for you all to reference. Hope that will help you as well.


--{ elyn }-- said...

hey hey~~
welcome welcome!! ^^
thanks for the thoughtful advise...
really nice of you to stop by here...

Shin Chong said...

oh, u r here...
btw, i miss u all a lot
hope i can contribute sth to the blog too^^