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Sunday, July 26, 2009


MUET teacher, Pn Goh

everyone concentrate!!!
let's play TABOO!!!



Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Our PHYSICS teacher....

Mr. TING TING...haha

Mr. erm......yeng~~~~ kononnya... haha.. don't angry oh, bleak~~

Now you see our class is really stressful... Stress till need some fresh air through the window...haha...and this is Mr. Cool... =P

Very funny guys posing very ''FUNNY'' pose... yukz... beh tahan geli~~~

Elyn and Boey...

*ahem*....with your highest honour....i present you our very own ministress of LS1, Tun **** ***.... hehe

Gotcha!!! prefect eating in class!!!! Mr. Yap, where's Mrs. Yap???? how could you have your lunch without her???!!!!

OMG!!!! A bully case...haha...this is evidence...a prefect trying to bully a student...Mr. Ee, you're naughty!!! i won't forget that you deleted the pictures in my cam...i'm gonna make you my model...becareful~~~ i'm good in snapping pictures silently~~~ ngek ngek...

Monday, July 6, 2009

English - OPSHACOM

Have you ever wonder on how to express few adjectives to describe a person, thing and an object?

For example,

-A lovely, young, British girl.

The adjectives are lovely, young and British.

However, some people will make mistake(s) when they describe a noun with two or more adjectives.

Such as,

-A red, big, poisonous mushroom. (wrong)


-A poisonous(opinion), big(shape), red(colour) mushroom. (correct)

So, a rule that 'called' OPSHACOM which helps people to describe the noun systematically.

OP - Opinion ( cute, lovely, excellent )

SH - Shape ( small, round, tall )

A - Age ( new, young, ancient )

C - Colour ( red, pink, blue )

O - Origin ( Malaysian, Chinese, British )

M - Material ( steel, plastic, woody )

Hence, by using this rule we can use many adjectives to describe a noun.

For more information, please visit:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Memories of LS1 Members

You are our Best Chemistry representative,
You help us girls a lot in study.
You always keep quite but we know u are diam-diam ubi berisi.
When we have problem in homework,
You will help us to solve it.
Within this two month, I know we were not that close together but we are best classmate.
Time is the thing we need.
If more time is given, I think we all can be closer.
All of us in LS1 will miss u very much.
Hope u enjoy your study in MBS and don’t lose contact with us o…

You are the Best Ketua Kebersihan.
In this two month u had bring us a lot of good memories.
We just get closer in this few days.
Then you tell us u got to leave.
But we all wish you can achieve your dream.
Enjoy your study in Northingham.
We all know u can do it.

You are one of our class noise producer.
You had made our study become interesting.
You bring us Funny (especially with yen chin).
We start get know each other more,
You are going to leave us.
Someone will miss u very much. (haha, u know who I mean)
Wish u enjoy yr study without us, LS1.

To all Yong Shean, Chun Ken, and Suhendran
Our LS1 class door will always open to welcome u all come back.
Please don’t forget the good memories as a LS1 student.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hai, everybuddy and Encik Yassir

Well, this is my first post. This is my first time blogging in Blog Interaktif PPU LS1@SMK Cochrane. As I read this blog (Blog Interaktif PPU LS1@SMK Cochrane). I found that blogging is intresting and also blogger needs to be creative (makes people enjoy to read). Ahh, I also hope that students from LS1 will participate in blogging too.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


In a rush of time, I don't have the chance to say goodbye to everyone. The only word that I can say is: Thank you.

I cut from part of my newest blog post and paste it here:

Thank you:

Lai Yen, you are a pretty girl. You are very easy to get along with.
Wen Hui, you are a popular one, and I'm jealous of your popularity.
Elyn, you are very friendly. I'm touched by your blog post. Sit with Pow Yee. You are not alone. (hey, pretty good driver.)
Yuen Yee, you are a very good partner. Responsible while doing experiments.
Pow Yee, hope you can get along well with the classmates.

Weng Kuent, find a new master. But still I can teach you Japanese online, if you want.
Hon Sim, get steady relationship with Mrs Yap. Glad to be your group member.
Yen Chin, I support your resignment. Thanks for guiding me when I first became prefect.
Jen Hou, you've changed a lot. You can become a good class monitor. And I still can't believe that I saw that that your first kiss?
Adrian, you gave me a deep first impression. Especially that day when you taught us some 'advices' like 'Cochraneans' Survival Guide'.
Chun Ken, it's really fast that we actually become good friends in this short period. I know you care about me very much. Good luck studying in college. Enjoy your college life.

En. Yassir: I'm very lucky and proud to have a kind and responsible teacher like you. You are the first teacher of mine who accepts computerised homeworks. I love your lessons, and your way of teaching.
Pn. Khoo: you look serious at first, but actually a friendly one.
Pn. Goh: I love your signature smile. You are the best english teacher ever.
Pn. Ng: you have the same surname as my mom. My mom is a Maths teacher too and students also call her Pn Ng...haha
Pn. Maziah: be patient with the talkative boys in LS1...
Pn. Tan: you must be very busy dealing with students' affair. You taught us many important maths concepts.
Pn. EMary: I didn't have the bravery to introduce myself to you. I love your lecturing, but other students may think you speak too fast...
Mr. Ong: I'd like to borrow the chemistry courseware discs.....

From tomorrow, the 'chemistry representative' post will be vacant. Anyone?

Anyway, I'll still post chemistry study materials in the future.